is a virtual marketplace that buys and sells commodities on behalf of its members.

Yes. You are doing this with just a single click on the RESELL button. We buy for you and sell for you with your billing address and make money for you. We do everything for you.

You make money by first funding your wallet, then you choose items you want to purchase, purchases those items for you and resells them at a stated higher price and sends you the money made after the sale of the item

It is absolutely free to join. You, however, have to purchase an item or items for sale of those items to be made so you can be credited

Yes. Every time sells an item for you; you pay a commission of 10% from your net profit. Thus if you paid N100,000 for an item and it is sold at N135,000, deducts N3,500 ( i.e 10% of your N35,000 profit) as a commission for the sale and credit you the N131,500 balance (which is your N100,000 capital and N31,500 profit).

It typically takes anywhere from 1 to 21 days to buy an item, resell it for you and credit the money to your wallet.

Simply go to accounts, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click the withdraw button. You will be credited to your bank account within 48hrs

Typically profits range from 5%-33% of the purchase price

No. This is against our Terms and Condition. You are to own and fund only one account. Members with multiple accounts will have their withdrawal put on hold.

Yes all items are sold to real people on multiple e-commerce websites including and not limited to eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, Mutual Businesspersons and more

NO. We are not in partnership with any of our traders. But We maintain an adequate relationship with our buyers and sellers.

YES. We have ready-made buyers from different countries in the world in which we sell these items to. is own by the parent company, Chotex Integrated Services.

You can Fund you Retrade wallet with your Debit or Credit secured with Paystack. Orders can also be made with a bank deposit or transfer.

100% Secured. Our Credit and Debit Card Payments are via Paystack. So we assure of a secured payment. You could also pay with your Wallet or direct bank transfer or deposit.

Yes. You will be refunded before request if your item wasn’t sold.

Items are being bought on behalf of you before they are being resold. We need your details to make these purchases. Basically, We are buying the items FOR YOU and reselling it FOR YOU.

This means your Payment has been Confirmed and your order is already being processed. Order Status will change to “Completed” once your Wallet has been credited with your Total Returns within the stated duration.


Your Orders status can either be on:

  1. Order on Hold – Orders may have this type of status mostly when users make payment using a bank transfer Payment. Payment will have to be confirmed before the Order can be processed.
  2. Pending Payment – When Payment hasn’t been made for an Order, this may be your Order status. These types of orders will definitely not be processed until payment has been made.
  3. Canceled – This status is attached to orders that have been canceled either by, the user or Automatically due to delay in payment.
  4. Processing – Payment has been confirmed for these type of orders and it’s still running until the stated duration for the Order.
  5. Completed – When your Order shows “Completed”, it means your Total Returns have been credited to your wallet and your Order has been completed.

Payments for Orders via Debit or Credit Card (Paystack) or your wallet is automatically Processed. Hence, your order status will show “Processing” until Order is completed within the stated duration.